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Midterm date and time

  • The midterm will be held on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017. The exam will last 90 minutes. The time of the midterm depends on which slot you sign up for with the options being 5:15 -6:45 pm, 5:45 -7:15 pm, and 6:15 -7:45 pm. Please see the sign-up form.
  • There will be a conflict midterm offered for students who cannot attend any of the listed slots. We will accommodate students with conflicts in the form of a course lecture, a course midterm, or religious observance.
  • As per UBC policy, if you have a lecture for another course that conflicts with all midterm slots, you MUST report the conflict on the form.


The midterm will cover Chapters 1-7 of the course notes. See Course calendar for detailed readings.

The material in the supplement (about fitting lines to data) will NOT be covered on the midterm (though it may be on the final).

The midterm will contain a questions from a variety of topics, and a variety of difficulties. Some questions are meant to assess basic understanding; others are meant to distinguish between students with good understanding and students with excellent understanding.

Study tips

The best way to study is to do lots of problems. Places to find relevant problems include:

  • WeBWorK
  • OSH
  • Quizzes (some but not all sections post these on their pages, so you can see quizzes from different sections)
  • problems from the back of each chapter in the course notes (answers available in the appendices) and problems in the back of the book,
  • practice problems
  • Problems worked in class in the various sections (no need to stick to your own!)
    • Sections 101/103 post their lecture slides, which have examples on them.
    • Sections 104/106 also post lecture slides, and some screencasts of worked examples
    • Section 105 posts a list of clicker questions
    • Sections 107 posts slides and worksheets
    • Sections 110 posts slides, which include examples


Midterm return

The midterm will be graded and returned using Crowdmark.

Midterm exam policies

See Course policies.

Midterm room assignments

The room in which you will take the midterm depends on which slot you sign up for. See link above. If you signed up for a conflict, you should have received a follow-up via email.