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Instructor information

Instructor: Krishanu Sankar
Office: Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences Room 4118 (OFFICE HOURS ARE NOT HELD HERE - but if you need to drop me a physical message or assignment, you can slip it under my door if I'm not there.)
Office hours: (Final exam schedule):

Monday 12/4, 2-3

Thursday 12/7, 11-12:30

Monday 12/11 1-2:30 (subject to change depending on attendance and review sessions)

Thursday 12/14 12:30-2 (subject to change depending on attendance and review sessions)

in LSK300. To get there - from the room where we have lecture, go up the stairs and down the hallway.

Links to Lecture Slides and scans

CLICK ME: Here is a Google webform where you can submit anonymous feedback about what you do/don't find helpful in lectures. I will read the feedback and do my best to improve!

CLICK ME: Here is a link to a dropbox folder with all slides and scans from lectures.

See also slides from other sections which have additional clicker problems and activities for you to try.

Some Desmos demos used in class:

Foraging: From Class 20.

Marginal Value Theorem: From Class 21.

Implicit Differentiation: From Class 24.

Exponentials: From Class 25.

Drug Delivery: From Class 28.

Euler's Method: From Class 31.

Unit Circle - Sine and Cosine: From Class 32.

Pulling a Sled: From Class 34 Worksheet Q2.

Viewing Angle: From Class 34 Worksheet Q3.

Slipping Ladder: From Class 34 Worksheet Q4.

Zebra Danio Q2: From Class 35 Worksheet.

Zebra Danio Q3: From Class 35 Worksheet.