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Instructor information

Instructor: Krishanu Sankar
Office: Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences Room 4118 (OFFICE HOURS ARE NOT HELD HERE - but if you need to drop me a physical message or assignment, you can slip it under my door if I'm not there.)
Office hours: Monday 9-10, Monday 1:30-2:30, Friday 9-10, in LSK300. To get there - from the room where we have lecture, go up the stairs and down the hallway.

Links to Lecture Slides and scans

CLICK ME: Here is a Google webform where you can submit anonymous feedback about what you do/don't find helpful in lectures. I will read the feedback and do my best to improve!

CLICK ME: Here is a link to a dropbox folder with all slides and scans from lectures.

See also slides from other sections which have additional clicker problems and activities for you to try.