Section 203

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Times: MWF 12-1pm
Location: West Mall Swing Space 222


Name: Ed Perkins
Office: Math Annex 1207
Office hours: M 1:20-2:50 in Forest Science Centre 1611 [2424Main Mall]; Th. 2-3:30 in Math 104

Section specific notes & announcements

Summation Formula for $\sum_{k=1}^Nk^2$

Change of summation variable calculation and summing arithmetic progressions

On Antiderivatives Differing by C

Two facts about Average Value

Notes on Section 5.4

Here are some notes on solids of rotation about the y-axis and here is a solution to Ex. 5.17(b) in the text. Both may help with OSH3 and WeBWork 5. We went over the first set of notes on Friday Feb. 5 and will discuss the worked example (but not ex. 5.17(b)) on Wed. Feb. 9.