Section 203

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Times: MWF 12-1pm
Location: Buchanan A104


Name: Christoph Hauert
Office: Math 234
Office hours: Wednesdays, 3-5pm during exam period: Monday, April 10, 12-1pm & Tuesday, April 18, 2-4pm.

Section specific announcements

  • Lecture notes on Applications of Taylor series.
  • office hours on Wednesday, April 5th, cancelled and shifted to Thursday, April 6th, 3-5pm.
  • Explore the fascinating dynamics of the logistic map through cobwebbing. The example is from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project and requires either Mathematica or the free CDF Player.
  • Movie on fractal (self-similar) nature of the logistic map.
  • for second midterm, office hours shifted to Monday, March 13th, 3:30-5pm (no office hours on Wednesday, March 15th).
  • office hours on Wednesday, March 8th, 4-5pm.
  • office hours on Wednesday, March 1st, 4-5:30pm.
  • Regular office hours during reading break, February 22nd.
  • office hours on Wednesday, February 1st, 4-5:30pm.