Section 203

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Meeting Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00-13:00
First Class: Monday, January 6th
Location: Hennings 201



Name: Young-Heon Kim
Email: (Note: questions related to the course content should be asked on the forum)
Office: MATH 216
Office hours:

MWF 10:00~10:50.

Times valid until the end of classes (April 10th)


Important course information and announcements will be posted at

Course Main Page

You should clearly understand the course policies contained in this page. Grading and exam regulations can be found here. (In that page, you can also find past exams.)

Section specific announcements

Class: No use of cell phone is allowed in class. Students may use their computing devices, ONLY for class related activities, e.g. note taking.

HW: NO late HW will be accepted. Students' work should be submitted in class ONLY.

Regrading: Regrading request can be made ONLY in document: If you wish your work to be regraded, hand in the work for regrading with a note which

- indicates what problem to be regraded

- justifies clearly the reason for regrading: you have to explain in writing, what error the marker made.

  • The whole paper may be reviewed and there is a possibility that after regrading your mark can be lowered (of course, can also be raised).

Class Notes

Class notes (handwritten) of the instructor will be posted here.

[All class notes here are copyrighted by the author: they can be used by students in his class.]

  • Very useful advices on how to solve problems are in Polya.

minor typos are corrected.

A typo is corrected.

A typo in the partial fractions is corrected.

A few typos are corrected.

A small typo found in the class was corrected.

Note that there was a typo in Lecture 15, in the last page (not covered in the class), regarding the limits of the integral with the u variable. We cover the last two pages in Lecture 16. (Feb. 12)

Some typos are corrected, including \(tan (\pi/4)=1\).

To do well in the course, you have to read the course textbook, to compliment the lectures. Lecture time is quite limited to cover everything.

A good idea to check if you are learning well is to follow the course syllabus. Check the learning goals and try some exercises! Here is a copy of the syllabus.

Don't forget to register on Piazza. It's a good place to ask questions and have them answered!

The Math Learning Center (MLC) is open. It is a good place to go with questions about webwork and/or assignments. Check it! MLC

(It contains an exercise for you which we will discuss in the next class.)

The typos found in the class are fixed.

There are two additional exercises at the end of the notes (using the ideas of telescopic sum). Work them out, and we will start with those two exercises.