Section 203

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Times: MWF 12-1pm
Location: West Mall Swing Space 222


Name: Ed Perkins
Office: Math Annex 1207
Office hours: M 1:20-2:50 in Forest Science Centre 1611 [2424Main Mall]; Th. 2-3:30 in Math 104 [until April 8]
Exam Special Office Hours Monday April 18 1:30-3:00; Wed. April 20 2-3:30; Thurs. April 21 2-3:30--all in Forestry Sciences Centre 1613

Section specific notes & announcements

Summation Formula for $\sum_{k=1}^Nk^2$

Change of summation variable calculation and summing arithmetic progressions

On Antiderivatives Differing by C

Two facts about Average Value

Notes on Section 5.4

Here are some notes on solids of rotation about the y-axis and here is a solution to Ex. 5.17(b) in the text. Both may help with OSH3 and WeBWork 5. We went over the first set of notes on Friday Feb. 5 and will discuss the worked example (but not ex. 5.17(b)) on Wed. Feb. 9.

Note on Some integrals involving trig. functions

Examples using Integral Comparison Test

Notes for Section 7.5

Notes on p.d.f.'s on the real line

Here are some practice questions on the substitution method for integration with solutions.

An example/exercise on Iterated Maps and the same exercise with solutions.

An important sequential limit: $\lim_{n\to\infty}(1+\frac{a}{n})^n=e^a$.

Practice exercises on series and solutions.

Lecture notes on powerseries I, II, III, IV, V

Some review questions for the final (stolen from Section 207 website) are available at [1]