Section 208

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Times: MWF 8-9am
Location: LSK 201
Final: APR 23 2018 08:30 AM at SRC B


Name: Fei Hu
Office: ESB 4134
Office hours (updated): Monday 9-10am, Monday 2-3pm, and Friday 12-1pm, @LSK 300

Office hours start form the second week of this term.

You are also welcome to make another appointment if you feel those times are not appropriate (email me first).

Section specific announcements

Lecture Notes

  • You could find all my lecture notes HERE (google drive).

Important Announcements from the Main Page

  • For your Quizzes portion only the best 5 of your quizzes count towards your final grade. This means you can fail or miss one quiz without consequences.
  • Due to a small mistake in the marking scheme of quiz 1 the total number of points was reduced to 8. The marks on Connect have been updated accordingly.
  • In order to pass the course a minimum mark of 40% on the final exam is required and you must pass (≥ 50%) at least three of the quizzes or the final exam.
  • For regrading requests, we only accept hardcopies and they will be accepted no earlier than 24 hours after quizzes have been returned and no later than 10 days afterwards.


Useful links

Signing up for Piazza

  • Step-by-step instructions:
  1. Go to Math 103 Piazza page.
  2. Click Enroll in Course
  3. Enter the class access code ubc2017w2math103
  4. Click the radio button to join as "Student".
  5. Click Add Classes.
  6. Provide your email address. Note the email address does not need to end in
  7. Read the post on features and rules for posting on Piazza
  8. Start asking questions, reading other students' questions, answering other students questions and finding study partners on Piazza.

If you have any problems or feedback for the developers, email