Section 208

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Times: MWF 08:00-09:00
Location: Buchanan A201


Name: Hardy Chan
Office: LSK 303
Office hours: Tuesdays 12:30-2:30 at LSK 300C, or by appointment. I'm probably staying in the office on MWF for the whole day except lunch hours. Call the following number for access issues.
Office phone: 604-827-2113

Section specific announcements

Week 1

2015-01-06. Go sign up on Piazza (third from last in Quick Links on the left).

2015-01-07. Check midterm conflicts, especially with BIOL 112, and tell me. (Resolved)

Week 2

2015-01-13. When asking questions, formulate it well and tell where you exactly are stuck.

Week 4

2015-01-29. An animation of anti-derivative sketch is available on the page of Section 207 (Cole Zmurchok).

Week 5

2015-02-03. I'm sick so I'm coming later for my office hours today.

2015-02-06. Taken from "Course Schedule"

Regrading Policy

All instructors have decided to adopt the following policy for regrading examinations/assignments: Please indicate which problems you would like to have regraded and why on a sticky note/stapled piece of paper attached to the homework or midterm in question. Your instructor will have a look at the question in doubt but will also look at all other questions as well. This means that your mark could decrease after regrading. However, if the error in question is simply a mistake in adding the marks, then it will be corrected without remarking any questions. Papers for regrading will be accepted no earlier than 24 hours after solutions have been posted and no later than 10 days afterwards.

Section specific notes

Week 1

2015-01-05. Review of perimeter/area/volume formulas. Sigma notation.

2015-01-07. Work with Sigma notation. Proofs of sums of arithmetic/geometric series.

2015-01-09. Proofs of sums of squares/cubes. A model of the lung.

Week 2

2015-01-12. Definition of limit, with the game "The Roller Coaster Survivor".

2015-01-14. Infinite sum of geometric series, area of circle by squeeze theorem, Riemann sums.

2015-01-16. Interchange between definite integrals and limit of Riemann sums.

Week 3

2015-01-19. Properties of definite integrals. Fundamental theorems of calculus.

2015-01-21. Properties of definite integrals. Signed area. Anti-derivatives. Odd/even functions. Area between curves.

2015-01-23. Piecewise integration. Integrating in y-direction. Introduction to improper integrals. Sketching anti-derivatives.

Week 4

2015-01-26. Rates.

2015-01-28. Revision: Chapters 1-2.

2015-01-30. Revision: Chapters 2-3.

Week 5

2015-02-02. Revision: Chapter 3.

2015-02-04. Relation between (discrete) sum and (continuous) integration. Total mass. Center of mass.

2015-02-06. Viewing a function globally/locally/infinitesimally. Arc-length.

Week 6

2015-02-11. Volume of solids of revolution: Disk/Shell. Introduction to integration techniques.

2015-02-13. Integration techniques: substitution, partial fractions, integration by parts.

Week 7

2015-02-23. Integration by parts.

2015-02-25. Integration of trigonometric functions and trigonometric substitution.

2015-02-27. Improper integrals. Graphs of y=x^p. Calculations of \int_0^1\!x^p\,dx and \int_1^\infty\!x^p\,dx

Week 8

2015-03-02. Determining convergence. Comparison tests.

2015-03-04. Discrete/continuous probability distribution.

2015-03-06. Revision: Chapter 5.

Week 9

2015-03-09. Revision: Chapters 5-6.

2015-03-11. Revision: Chapters 6-7.

2015-03-13. Change of variable in probability. Basic differential equations.

Week 10

2015-03-16. Exponential growth/decay, logistic, Gompertz models.

2015-03-18. Separation of variables, stability.

2015-03-20. Sequences. Properties. Boundedness and oscillation.

Week 11

2015-03-23. Iterated sequence. Cobwebbing. Logistic map.

2015-03-25. Series: basics.

2015-03-27. Divergence/Integral/Ratio/Root/Comparison tests.

Week 12

2015-03-30. Taylor series.

2015-04-01. Applications and summary of Taylor series.

Week 13

2015-04-08. Revision: Chapters 10-11.

2015-04-10. Revision: Chapters 4-12.