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Instructor information

  • Instructor: Uri Shapira
  • Office: Math Annex 1112
  • Office hours: Mondays 10-12 and Wednesdays 11-12 at my office
  • email: (write math 105 in subject)
  • I am a visiting professor at UBC math department. If you are curious to see what I do you are welcome to visit my webpage


  • For general information about the course (such as textbook, WebWork, grade breakdown, important dates, etc. please go to the course homepage
  • You are also encouraged to visit other sections webpages as they include useful information.

Section specific

  • 6% of your final grade will be based on 6 exercise sheets published here on basically every other Friday starting from the second Friday of the term. You will have to submit these exercise sheets a week after their publication in class. They will then be graded by a TA and handed back to you at the Math Learning Center (MLC) located in the LSK building 3'rd floor.
  • Here is an important explanation about the grading of these exercise sheets and how it will effect your final grade: Each sheet will receive two grades, one will be a 0 or 1 and will only take into account if there was an honest effort to answer the questions and WILL NOT take into account correctness. These 0's and 1's will be summed up and accumulate to your effective grade. That is, a submission of 6 sheets with honest efforts will result in a full 6% (maximal possible grade), regardless if you made mistakes!!! The second grade will be a grade which will take into account correctness of your answers and is meant only for your self evaluation so that you will know where you stand. The underlying reason for this scheme is to encourage you to work alone and not to copy from your friends.

Exercise sheets for sections 201 and 202

  • Note that your actual grade does not depend on correctness so please please work alone and have an honest attempt to solve the exercises yourself.
  • Submission of exercise sheets: You can submit (in hard copy) in either the 8 or 9 o'clock class regardless of where you are registered.
  • Exercise 1. This exercise sheet is due of Friday 19th of Jan.
  • Exercise 2. This exercise sheet is due Friday Feb 2nd.
  • Exercise 3. This exercise sheet is due Monday Feb 26.
  • Exercise 4. This exercise sheet is due Monday March 12.

Long division of polynomials

When we studied the method of partial fractions presenting a rational function p(x)/q(x) in a simple form suitable for integration we assumed that the degree of p(x) is smaller than the degree of q(x). I forgot to cover the case where this assumption is not met. This is done by first performing the long division algorithm and presenting p(x)/q(x) = m(x) + r(x)/q(x) with m(x), r(x) polynomials such that the degree of r(x) is smaller than that of q(x). You can then perform the method of partial fractions for the r(x)/q(x). To learn about the algorithm of long division please consult the following link: