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  • The Old-School Homework (OSH) are to be handed in electronically using Crowdmark, an online assignment-submission and marking app.
  • With the exception of OSH 1, if you do not receive an email by the end of the "Assigned" date, check Piazza to see if others have received one. If it is a FULL DAY after the "Assigned" date and you still haven't received an email from Crowdmark, contact your instructor. Keep in mind that you can start working on the OSH before getting the email - they will be posted below soon before the Crowdmark emails go out - so there is no need to panic (not until the due date, at least). The OSH 1 email will be sent out after OSH 0 is returned to ensure you incorporate the OSH 0 feedback.
  • Links to each OSH can be found below along with due dates. Your OSH answers should be typeset using a math friendly editor and exported as a pdf OR written up neatly and digitally photographed or scanned at high quality. Messy, disorderly, low resolution or poorly exposed submissions may be rejected at the discretion of your marker. Each submission should include the OSH number at the top, your name, your student number and the date (example snapshot).
  • For examples of how to write up your work, check out the style examples in the table below (these examples demonstrate content not formatting).
  • For comments and examples of barely or unacceptable quality submissions, see these notes and images.
  • All OSH marking schemes will have one point for quality of presentation and two points for communication style in addition to points for correctly solving the problem:
    • Presentation - 0 pts for poor presentation, 1 pt for satisfactory presentation.
    • Communication - 0 pts if the work is hard to follow because of a lack or excess of verbal explanation. 1 pt if it is ok to follow but has some missing or extraneous verbal explanation. 2 pts if it is both complete and concise in the verbal explanations.
OSH Assigned Due Solution Style examples
OSH 0 Wed, Sept 7 11:59 pm, Tues, Sept 13
OSH 1 Wed, Sept 7 11:59 pm, Fri, Sept 16 Sol.1 Ex.1
OSH 2 Mon, Sept 19 11:59 pm, Fri, Sept 30 Sol.2 Ex.2a
OSH 3 Mon, Oct 3 8:59 pm, Fri, Oct 14 Sol.3 Ex.3 (directly relevant in 2014 only)
OSH 4 Wed, Oct 19 8:59 pm, Fri, Oct 28 Sol.4
OSH 5 Mon, Oct 31 8:59 pm, Fri, Nov 11 Sol.5
OSH 6 Mon, Nov 14 8:59 pm, Fri, Nov 25 Sol.6