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The Old-School Homework (OSH) are (roughly) biweekly assignments that are to be handed in at the start of the last class of the week in which the OSH is due. Links to each OSH can be found below. Your OSH answers should be written up neatly. If you use more than one piece of paper, they should be stapled together. Messy, unstapled or disorderly submissions may be rejected at the discretion of your instructor. Your submission should include the OSH number at the top, your name, your student number and the date (example snapshot).

For examples of how to write up your work, check out the style examples in the table below.

OSH Assigned Due Solution Style examples Useful screencasts
OSH 1 Wed, Sept 9 Fri, Sept 18 (17)* Sol.1 Ex.1
OSH 2 Mon, Sept 21 Fri, Oct 2 (1)* Sol.2 Ex.2a, Ex.2b, V.2b
OSH 3 Mon, Oct 5 Fri, Oct 16 (15)* Sol.3 Ex.3 (directly relevant in 2014 only)
OSH 4 Mon, Oct 19 Fri, Oct 30 (29)* Sol.4
OSH 5 Mon, Nov 2 Fri, Nov 13 (12)* Sol.5
OSH 6 Mon, Nov 16 Fri, Nov 27 (26)* Sol.6

*For sections that meet on Tuesday and Thursday, the OSH are due on Thursdays at the start of class (the date in parentheses above).