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  • The Old-School Homework (OSH) are to be handed in electronically using Crowdmark, an online assignment-submission and marking app. You'll get an email a few days before the assignment is due, which contains a link to the submission page. See the CrowdMark FAQ Page for common sources of frustration.
  • Messy, disorderly, low resolution or poorly exposed submissions may be rejected at the discretion of your marker.
  • Links to each OSH can be found below along with due dates.
  • For examples of how to write up your work, check out the style examples in the table below (these examples demonstrate content not formatting).
  • For comments and examples of barely or unacceptable quality submissions, see these notes and images.
  • All OSH marking schemes will have one point for quality of presentation and two points for communication style in addition to points for correctly solving the problem:
    • Presentation - 0 pts for poor presentation, 1 pt for satisfactory presentation.
    • Communication - 0 pts if the work is hard to follow because of a lack or excess of verbal explanation. 1 pt if it is ok to follow but has some missing or extraneous verbal explanation. 2 pts if it is both complete and concise in the verbal explanations.
OSH Assigned Due Solution Style examples
OSH 0 Wed, Sept 6 8:59 pm, Wed, Sept 13
OSH 1 Wed, Sept 6 8:59 pm, Fri, Sept 15 Sol.1 Ex.1
OSH 2 Mon, Sept 18 8:59 pm, Fri, Sept 29 Sol.2 Ex.2a
OSH 3 Mon, Oct 2 8:59 pm, Fri, Oct 13 Sol.3 Ex.3 (directly relevant in 2014 only)
OSH 4 Mon, Oct 9 8:59 pm, Fri, Oct 20 Sol.4

Content warning: data about fatal overdoses

Mon, Oct 30 8:59 pm, Fri, Nov 10 Sol.5
OSH 6 Sat, Nov 18 8:59 pm, Mon, Nov 27 Sol.6