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CrowdMark FAQ

  1. I don't see the email from CrowdMark to upload my work.
    First, that's not a question. Second, if it's still several days till the due date, probably the email hasn't been sent out yet. Third, if the email's been sent out (within a few days of the due date), check your spam filter. Fourth, if the above fail, ask your instructor to re-send you the email.
    We've let the good folks at CM know that gmail accounts have been sometimes filtering out their emails. Hopefully this will be resolved. In the meantime, if your email does get marked as spam, you can add the address to your "safe senders" list so that future emails are delivered appropriately.

  2. Can I upload to CrowdMark from my phone?
    Not reliably. Try using a really big phone. You know... what are they called. A non-phone computer.

  3. The link in the email isn't working!
    Try another browser. DO NOT use your phone.

  4. Do I have to submit separate pages for each question?
    Try to match them to the way the crowdmark assessment is set up on the webpage. Does it contain only one question? Then submit your entire assignment as one file. Does it contain different questions for different portions of the assignment? Split your work into files accordingly.

  5. But then why does CrowdMark say that thing about one question per page?
    CrowdMark chops up your assignment into however many questions we tell it to. This is for ease of grading and grade recording: the TAs can grade, for instance, all the first questions, then all the second questions, and CrowdMark will generate places for the separate marks. If you upload two questions to one space, then it's awkward to record your grade, because you've got two grades going in one space. Furthermore, as the TAs grade a question, they won't see the work you uploaded to a different space.
    The picture below is what the graders see: the number in the far left is in lieu of your personal information; the boxes on the right are different questions (in this case, there are three of them); the grade for each question is recorded as it is graded.
    CM GradeView.png

  6. How does CrowdMark know who I am?
    We upload a spreadsheet to CrowdMark that has your name, student ID, and email address. Crowdmark sends a unique upload link to your email address, and when you use the link CrowdMark recognizes who you are. After the grades are entered, CrowdMark generates a spreadsheet that tells us your score.

  7. How big are bullfrogs?
    Surprisingly big.

  8. Why is my grade on Connect different from my grade on Crowdmark?
    Our official records of your grade will be reflected on Connect (with perhaps a delay of a week or so, because uploading grades to Connect is actually pretty tough). If your grade was changed at some point, we'll upload the change to Connect,
    but not Crowdmark.
    If your grade on Connect is not correct, you should contact your instructor (after a suitable waiting period, to make sure we've had time to update the Connect info.) </br>

  9. Why is the date on my Crowdmark email different from the date the assignment is due?
    There are two answers to this. One is that you have a three-hour grace period for technical difficulties. So, if the assignment is due at 8:59pm, you won't be marked late until midnight. Second, the email displays IN THE TIMEZONE OF YOUR COMPUTER. So, if your computer is set to your country's time zone, you'll have to convert it to Pacific time.

  10. Why does the distribution of scores graph have a max score greater than the max possible score?
    The bars in the bar chart correspond to the label on their left. Also, for higher-point assignments, one bar will correspond to a range of points.