Supporting materials for computational WeBWorK problems

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Here are some videos, interactive tools and screenshots demonstrating techniques and ideas that will be useful for doing the computational WeBWorK problems. These will continue to appear as the term progresses so keep coming back to see the newest ones.

The first three screencasts below are difficult to see on youtube due to compression. Until they are replaced with better quality versions, it is preferable to watch the full sized versions.

How to plot the graph of a function (Excel) youtube. mov
How to zoom in and out on a graph of a function (Excel) youtube. mov
How to add a second graph to a plot (Excel) youtube. mov
Newton's method for solving f(x)=0 (Excel) png
An example of Newton's method using Google sheet Google sheet
How to determine when a function does or does not have inflection points (Desmos) app youtube
How to find the location of minimum slope for a given function (Google Sheets) new video (old video)
How to estimate slope using slope of secant line (Google Sheets) youtube
Fitting a line to data (part 1 - $y=ax$) youtube.
Fitting a line to data (part 2 - $y=ax+b$) youtube.
Euler's method for solving differential equations youtube.

Feel free to request other screencast topics either on Piazza or by emailing Prof. Eric Cytrynbaum.

Videos that explain how to use various spreadsheets for various tasks

XY graph in Google Docs (< 2 min ) [1]
ScatterPlot on iPad Numbers [2]
Two plots on same axes on iPad Numbers [3]
Open office scatter plot of data with trend line (<5min) [4]