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Instructor information

Instructor: Elyse Yeager
Phone: 604 822-3629
Office: 229F Mathematics Building
Office hours: Mondays, 11:30-1 and Wednesdays, 1:30-3. Office hours start the second week of classes.

Lecture Slides

Below are the slides I use in lecture. The files will be updated from time to time.

The slides are available in three formats.

  • The first file is the one I use in class. It's long, because it contains all the "clicks." This is not ideal for printing.
  • The second file is meant to be printed out and written on. It has condensed versions of the slides down the left side of the paper, with space on the right for your notes.
  • The third file has condensed versions of each slide. These are excellent for annotating in class on your tablet.
Topics Expanded Slides

(caution, large file)

Printable Slides Condensed Slides Date
Chapter 1: Power functions as building blocks link link link Wed, Sept 7 - Mon, Sept 11
Quick info about WeBWorK,Piazza, and OSH link link Friday, Sept 9
Chapter 2: Average rates of change, average velocity, and the secant line link link link Mon, Sept 11 - Wed, Sept 13

Quick info about the MLC link Wednesday, Sept 13
Chapter 3: Three faces of the derivative: Geometric, Analytical, and Computational link link link Wed, Sept 13 - Mon, Sept 18
Appendix E.1: Proof of the power rule link link link Wednesday, Sept 20
Chapter 4: Differentiation rules, simple antiderivatives and applications link

Learning to Think Mathematically

link link Wed, Sept 20-Wed, Sept 27
Chapter 5: Tangent Lines, Linear Approximation, and Newton's Method link link link Fri, Sept 29-Mon, Oct 2
Chapter 6: Sketching the graph of a function using calculus tools link link link Wed, Oct 4- Wed, Oct 11
Chapter 7: Optimization link link link Wed, Oct 11 - Mon, Oct 16
Supplement: Fitting Data link link link


Quiz template: link

Quiz Date Content Quiz Solutions
Quiz 1 Friday, 22 Sept through "Week 2" in the course calendar Section 101 Section 103 Section 101 Section 103
Quiz 2 Friday, 6 Oct through Chapter 5 in the open textbook Section 101 Section 103 Section 101 Section 103